Brake Products

Galvi Brake Products are manufactured to DIN 15435. Since 1962 GALVI has been manufacturing Shoe Brakes, Disc Brakes, accessories and rotating components for Shoe Brakes and Disc Brakes, Thrusters, emergency Callipers and Buffers, safety components typically used in cranes, winches and different kinds of machines and plants used in steel industry, ports, shipbuilding, mining, shipyards, in civil, mechanical, cement and paper industry, in power stations, in waste management, on belt conveyors, rubber mixers and people transport plants.

PC Thruster Disc Brake

Electro HYD Thruster

Flexible Brake Drum

PN Failsafe Caliper

PE Failsafe Caliper

Failsafe Single Piston Caliper Brake

Flexible Brake Disk

RMV Buffer

RME Buffer

RME Buffer

Brake Shoes

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