Rigid Flange Couplings

Rigid Flange Couplings are manufactured for Rotech Systems in South Africa according to international standards. Rigid flange couplings are primarily used on conveyor belt drives holding the gearbox shaft to the drive pulley shaft, using two rigid flanges with the 1014 type locking elements, locking each flange to the respective shaft and then bolted together making it a parallel rigid coupling connection.
SizeShaft Diametre (mm)Weight (kg)Torque (Nm)Flange Connecting BoltsNumber of Bolts
170/260min. 50326 300M14 x 168
max. 703010 000
200/320min. 703916 000M16 x 758
max. 903720 000
230/400min. 954728 000M24 x 1008
max. 1154535 500
270/400min. 1155545 000M24 x 1008
max. 1405156 000
330/560min. 14011290 000M30 x 12018
max. 170105112 000
390/560min. 170137160 000M30 x 12018
max. 210125200 000
430/630min. 170160160 000M30 x 13018
max. 210148200 000
470/630min. 210199255 000M30 x 13018
max. 250183315 000
510/710min. 250299375 000M30 x 13024
max. 270249400 000
550/710min. 270286475 000M30 x 13024
max. 290275500 000

Sequence torque - Installation


  1. Release all bolts a few turns and transfer at least 3 bolts into each of the tapped holes of part 1 and 3 in order to keep a gap between pans 1 & 2 spaced from 3. The 1014 has a self locking taper.
  2. Lubricate the locking ring (machine oil) before installation (do not use Molybdenum disulfide MoS2).
  3. After installing onto shaft, transfer the bolts from the jacking holes In parts 1 & 3 into the taped holes of part 2.
  4. Before tightening the bolts, turn the connecting flange until the split is vertical on the topside of the shaft.
  5. Hand tightening the bolts progressively, starting next to the split and alternating diagonally. Check the run out and dimension A for equal distance. Correct any misalignment. At this point the run out should not exceed 0.05 at the face of the coupling. Excessive misalignment can cause permanent damage to the unit.
  6. Then proceed with a torque wrench progressively until the torque setting has been reached. Check final run out and as a guide line the runout could be 0.05 to 0.10.
  7. A slight axial movement will occur during this process (1 mm). Verify the bolt torque (TA) from the catalogue and to not exceed.


  1. Release all bolts. and transfer as many bolts into jacking holes in part 1 & 3 (tapped holes).
  2. Progressively tighten the bolts in the jacking holes. right and left from the split until the assemble comes free.

Technical Information

The 30 Flange coupling consists of 2 connecting flanges -10 and 20, which are locked onto the shafts by the integrated 1014 locking ring, which transmits the torque by friction. The 30 coupling can accommodate bore diameters from 50 to 290 mm. All the parts of the 1014 locking unit are split and have self-locking taper. No Fretting corrosion will occur on the locked contact surface.

SizeBore LengthScrew SizeScrew TA Nm

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